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Beginner course - learn to photograph

Aperture? What the f ...

If you do not know what is funny about this sentence, then come to our advanced course in photography, guided by Manfred Baumann's long-time assistant Raphael Sammer.

Or you would like to visit a photo course with Manfred, but do not dare, because you have no idea how to use your camera properly, then let you explain the most important basics of Raphael first.

In our advanced course you will learn the first basic knowledge to operate a camera independently and manually, as well as an introduction to image composition, composition and stylistic devices in photography.

Please bring a camera, which can be operated manually. Is not a requirement for the course, but would be useful :)
The course itself consists of a theory part and subsequent practice in the form of a joint photo walk in which the knowledge just acquired can be applied and practiced immediately.
Attention! Manfred will not be present during the entire course!
Location: ViennaDate: 29.06.2019
Total duration: 3 to 4 hours - start 10:00am
Language: German
Price 95, - Footer image: Beginner course - learn to photograph

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